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This is Pokemon Sky and Field Wiki, an RP wiki about two young Pokemon trainers, Evanna and Austin, going on the ultimate trek over all of the regions to prove themselves as true Pokemon masters, but, can they make it through the rough world of Pokemon filled with danger, surprises, and fears? What will come across their way? And will it almost cost them everything from their dreams..down to their life? Come and find out! If you are interested in our RP, come and talk to the creators, let me introduce them!

Meet Creator Sugardapuppy!


Name: Sugar

She is a very nice, and helpful person and the founder of this wiki! She would be glad to help with anything you need! She's friendly and is great to talk to! She's also a big fan of Pokemon, Kirby, and One Direction!

Meet Creator DudeplaysDrew21!


Name: Jack

He is a nice person, who is always willing to help anyone, just like Sugar! He loves Pokemon, it's what makes his world go 'round, and he owns virtually every Pokemon game! He was very excited for this RP! Ask him for any help if he's around! He would be more than glad to help you out with anything!

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