Evanna Watterson
Name: Evanna Watterson
Preferred Type: Water
Age: 12
Relative(s): Unnamed Mother
Hometown: Pallet town
Region: Kanto
Class: Trainer


Evanna has light brown hair that is very big and fluffy. Her hair goes down to her waist. She also has big, blue eyes. Her hat is a wool ski hat that has the pokemon logo on it. Her hat was passed down from her mother.


Evanna has mixed personalities. She is mainly very kind and caring for pokemon. She always aims her goals high but can be distracted by things like keychains. Overall Evanna is a cute, nice girl that cares about others, and not just herself.


Evanna loves cute water type pokemon. Though she perfers Water types, she also likes Ice and Electric Types.


Leeyum is a Squirtle that is energetic and hyper, just like Evanna. Leeyum was her first pokemon, and a partner for life. She is usually out of her pokéball, and outside with Evanna on her journey.


Minyo is an Omanyte that is slightly quiet. She has not been used very much yet. Minyo was obtained when Scientist Murray revived the Helix Fossil at the Pewter Museum.