Danny Snow
Name: Danny Snow
Preferred Type: Psychic
Age: 13-14
Relative(s): Sabrina, mother, Drake, father
Hometown: Viridian City
Region: Kanto
Class: Trainer


Danny has long, blonde hair that is spiked up behind his head. He wears a jacket with a pokeball mark on the chest, also with black yoga pants.


Danny is usually quiet and calm. Sometimes Danny can be mysterious and ominous. Despite his mysterious attitude, he is very kind when he meets new people, especially girls.


Beofre he met Evanna, Austin and Professor Oak, he was desperate to catch a pokemon. He tried to steal Evanna's Squirtle, Leeyum. Then, he befriended the two and Professor Oak was generous enough to let hiim choose his own pokemon from his collection. Usually, Danny chooses Psychic pokemon.


Casey is an Abra. Danny usually does not take him out of his pokeball, unless Evanna and Austin needs help in a battle. Because Casey knows the move teleport, he is used in tough situations.