Austin Palmers
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Name: Austin Palmers
Preferred Type: Mix
Age: 12
Relative(s): Unnamed Parents
Hometown: Pallet Town
Region: Kanto
Class: Trainer

Austin is one of the main characters in the RP. He is an ambitious, outgoing trainer and partners with Evanna and Danny. His starter Pokemon was a Charmander named Charlie.


Austin is a fairly tall young boy with straight hair that pokes out of his cap. He wears a vest with the Pokemon logo on it, skinny jeans and Pokeball-themed sneakers. His hair under the cap is messy and tangled, a reddish brown color with a long cowlick that comes out of his cap when he wears it.


Austin is ambitious and outgoing, and is very hyperactive. He tends to overreact to most situations, and get's excited and pumped up very easily. He's always up for a challenge, and hate's to lose. He is known to mostly be an optimist, but sometimes can get very solemn and serious. He has a burning passion for Pokemon and he loves the fact that he's finally a trainer.



Charlie is Austin's first pokemon, a Charmander. Charlie always stays out of his pokeball, and likes to walk around with Austin. Charlie loves to fight and is always ready to battle


Bongo is Austin's second Pokemon. Bongo is a very energetic Mankey, that loves pulling tricks. Mankey was caught for battling against Brock, but did not get the oppurnity because only one badge was needed for their group.
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