Adeline is a character of the day that appears in "The Viridian Forest", which is Part 3 in the Kanto series. She is based off of the Lass trainer class, and is shy and sensitive, but later on proves herself as very brave. She is the very first character of the day to appear in the series.


Adeline is a short, young trainer with fair skin, and a few freckles dotted on her face. She has blue clips in her hair, which is brownish-orange, and wears a white collar dress-shirt and a sky blue skirt. Lastly, she has white socks with light periwinkle stripes, and red and grey sneakers.

Pokemon (Mild Spoiler Alert)Edit


Adeline's Venonat

Adeline's Venonat

Adeline's only known Pokemon is her Venonat, which was stolen by Alice and Jack, but eventually retrieved back. She describes the Pokemon as "her life" and seems to be be very upset when it was taken

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